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The Ultimate Job Search Strategy

Job Search is a strategic process and you need to be prepared for it. 

I have jotted down a few job search tips below.

Discover Yourself

Job search_discover yourself

 You need to discover yourself and narrow your search criteria. Investigate career areas or jobs that might suit your qualifications, skills, interest, potential, abilities, ambitions, values, and preferences. Use the employer website to know more about them and prepare yourself for further training you might need, and ensure that you will enjoy and deliver the job profile. With this, you will be able to stand out of the crowd and attract the recruiter.

Customize your Resume & Cover Letter

Resume format 

 A resume is meant to show an employer that you’re a good fit for an available job. A good resume presents you as an eligible and appealing individual worthy of an interview, so you need to write a targeted resume rather than a generic one.

Let’s check how to write a resume?   

  1.  Choose the right resume format online available for free (e.g.,  
  2. Add your personal details and contact information.
  3. Start with a headline statement (Professional summary or hook)
  4. List your relevant work experience and your key achievement with your company.
  5. List your education correctly.
  6. Put your relevant skills that fit the job Ad copy or vacancy.
  7. Add the required resume section as per the job profile.
  8. Complement your resume with a cover letter
  9. Proofread the resume and send it to the recruiter the right way. 

Look for a Job

Linkedin Job search

 There are several ways you can find a job such as:

  • Using job portals: With the increase in internet penetration rates and use of the internet, both employer and seeker prefer reliable job portals. The job portals like,,,,, google for jobs, and many more have significantly changed the job application process and improved communication channels between employers and job seekers.,, and are few popular job search sites in Nepal. These job search sites provide vast collections of national and international job postings.

  • Networking & Referrals: Job search sites won’t help you tap the hidden job market. Using your connections or friends, networking like your college professors, HR manager of your college, former employers and colleagues, the company you did your college internship, and other networks, you can get job leads and recommendations. 

  • LinkedIn & other social media platforms: Companies post jobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook commonly. LinkedIn is the best social media channel for professionals. You can use this to showcase yourself and connect with desired recruiters, managers, and professionals worldwide. Many organizations use LinkedIn to post their job, also experienced people can receive recruitment messages here. But, it would help if you professionally manage your social media handles. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Use your real name on your profiles.
  2. Use professional and clear profile picture & keep them consistent across platforms.
  3. Carefully audit your accounts and remove inappropriate or unprofessional posts and images.
  4. Update or delete your profile on the platforms you are not using anymore regularly.
  5. “Brand” yourself consistently across all the platforms. You want people to know who you are, what you do, and your career plans. 

  • Direct application: Some companies post their job vacancies in website or newspapers. You may have a specific job dream which you can target if you approach it the right way. 

  • Job fairs: Institutions and agencies regularly organize job fairs for the companies looking to recruit fresh graduates. 

  •  Recruitment agencies: You can take help from reliable HR agencies to get a job. These agencies can open doors to amazing opportunities for you.  

Develop your brand

 You can develop your brand by maintaining your online presence. You can own your niche blogging website or personal branding website to showcase yourself strategically. Make sure your social media handles and personal website showcase your most relevant skills, achievement, and mission, which your prospect company wants to look into you. Furthermore, you have to make sure that your personal branding website and social media handles are search engine optimized so that your recruiter can find you. 

Moreover, you have to make sure that you have a clean online reputation. This is because today majority of recruiters do a thorough search about the candidates online before hiring them. 


Self Improvement

Life long learning is job search tips


 You are always advised to improve your skills by learning new skills and adding certifications to your armory. You can consider taking internships, part-time, and freelance jobs to improve yourself and make corporate ready along with these relevant skills. 


Interview Preparations

Interview preparation checklist


A job interview is an essential parameter of a job search strategy. The interview will decide whether you are getting the job or not. You are advised to do enough research before appearing for the interview. Job interview preparation is a skill and you have to practice asking and answering interview questions so that you are prepared for the interview. Make sure you make a strong effort to impress the interviewer with your skills, body language, experience, expertise, and confidence. Moreover, you must not miss thanking the entire interviewer after an interview. 

Most importantly, don’t give up if you don’t crack the job. It would help if you stayed positively engaged in something else when you’re looking for a job. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging friends.


Track your Job Search Process

track your job search process


Besides targeting various companies and job openings, you must keep track of your job search process. You can maintain a full record of multiple jobs that you have applied. The records will include details related to your communication with the employer, recommendations, interviews, and other follow-ups. This way, you will be able to build a valuable record for your present and future job and keep an eye on your job search strategy.  


Remain Persistent

Positive mindset for job search


It might be challenging to find a suitable job for you. This situation is quite stressful and can discourage you. Searching for an appropriate job is unavoidable, and every individual faces this on their career journey. So, be determined and maintain a positive attitude throughout while you are looking for a suitable job for you.

Therefore, you should be confident, resilient, and focused during the job search, but you should never be desperate for the job. Instead of getting desperate, concentrate on the job search process, not just the outcome. Sooner or later, you would definitely be able to find your perfect job.   

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